Ten Commandments for Bus Workers

Ten Commandments for Bus Workers
  1. Thou shalt love the Lord with all your heart and be loyal to the Pastor, Bus Director and fellow bus workers.
  2.  Thou shalt adopt the bus kids and love them as you would your very own children.
  3.  Thou shalt get to the bus garage early and shalt be prepared for your day long before the bus is scheduled to depart.
  4.  Thou shalt visit every regular rider, as well as the absentees every Saturday. You should seek new riders weekly as well.
  5.  Thou shalt, to the best of your ability, understand the home life of each one of your bus riders.
  6.  Thou shalt always tithe to your local church, as well as give offerings. This includes time and talent, as well as money.
  7.  Thou shalt support every program of the church.
  8.  Thou shalt pray without ceasing for your bus route.
  9.  Thou shalt pastor your bus riders as the Pastor does the members of the church.
  10.  Thou shalt determine that you will never quit until you go to be with the Lord or the Lord comes for you.