Organizing Your Sunday School Ministry

Organizing Your Sunday School Ministry

I Corinthians 14:40, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

1. Organization is an essential element in the growth of your Sunday school class or ministry.

2. A Sunday school teacher must be organized.

• Organize your records. • Organize your visitation.

• Organize your class time. • Organize your teaching or lesson.

3. A mid-week Sunday School Teachers’ Meeting with the pastor or Sunday school superintendent helps keep organization in the ministry.

4. The assistant Sunday school teacher concept helps keep your Sunday school organized.

5. Having all teachers teach the same Sunday school lesson adds very important organization.

6. Pre-printed weekly attendance sheets keep you organized.

7. A weekly Sunday school tally sheet is a wonderful organizational tool.

8. Visual Sunday school class location charts are a bonus.

9. Starting Sunday school and closing Sunday school on time helps to keep us organized.

10. Having Sunday school teachers turn in, to the pastor, their class’s Fall and Spring Attendance- Building Program is an organizational plus.

11. Pastor Owens gives all new teachers and assistant teachers a training book before they begin teaching.

Teaching Sunday School Teachers to Teach, by Dr. Jeff Owens

12. The annual Promotion Sunday must be well planned and taught to teachers and students.

13. Pastor Owens personally logs the total Sunday school attendance in his records 52 weeks per year.

14. Divide your Sunday school classes by age, common denominator or geographical location.

15. Smaller classes are easier to organize than larger classes.