March 5, 2017

March 5, 2017

We hope this update finds our many friends doing well. The Owens family are all doing unbelievably well. We are loving the Lord and serving Him to the best of our ability. Personal soul-winning has always been important to us and we continue this ministry for the Lord. The grandchildren and children are delightful and are just the light of our lives. Mrs. Owens and I enjoy an occasional bike ride together (I’m faster than her) and we love each other more than ever. She continues to love quilting and spending time playing her piano. I enjoy preaching and cheeseburgers! 

At the end of the year 2016 I preached my 37,000th sermon as a gospel preacher. I still believe the King James Bible is the inspired, preserved, inerrant Word of God. We continue on the Old Paths. If you’ve known me through the years I want to assure you we have not changed our standards, doctrines or belief in the Old Time Ways one little bit. I am grateful to God because He has revolutionized my personal prayer life and I’m enjoying God more than ever.

The spring is upon us and this is an exciting time of the year! Spring is a time of fresh growth. Growth is definitely the atmosphere here at the Twin Rivers Baptist Church of New Bern, North Carolina. 

It’s hard to believe that we started here a little over three years ago. God grew us out of our first meeting place which was the approximate size of a double wide mobile home. He did this within the first 18 months of our start. He then provided us a new facility with 16,500 square foot state-of-the-art space. We moved into our new facility approximately 14 months ago. Our new building then doubled our auditorium size and multiplied our Sunday school classrooms many times over. Within 6 months of this new auditorium we had outgrown it. In November 2016 we very excitingly and humbly moved into our new approximately 250 seat auditorium. We are seeing people saved by the hundreds. God is allowing us to start new ministries within our church to serve people on a regular basis. You can visit our church’s website and listen to my TRBC weekly sermons for free. That is if you would like to hear some good old-fashioned, sin-hating, God and people loving preaching.

The Owens Publications Ministry continues to serve people to the best of its ability. We have a few new products that God has allowed to be developed. We have a preaching CD album entitled “Dr. Jeff Owens Preaching His Classic Sermons.” We also have a new MP3 entitled “How to Grow.” Mrs. Owens has a powerful new teaching album that’s called “How to Bounce Back.” All of these are available at this very moment. There are two other MP3 albums that are being prepared, one entitled, “Helping People,” and the other “Relationships.” Both will be available very soon.

We hope this day finds you well. We desire your prayers! If we can serve any of you in any way we would love to do so. Drop us an email from time to time and let us know how you’re doing. 


Pastor and Mrs. Jeff Owens