August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

These are exciting times in which to serve our Lord.  Mrs. Owens and I are enjoying serving our God and His people in an incredible way.  Please pray for us as we have been traveling across the country helping churches.  Pray that my preaching schedule will fill up for the remainder of 2013 very quickly.  It has been a great blessing as we travel in evangelism because we have been able to go and help churches over the weekends, including Sundays.  When I was pastoring, I could only visit churches through the weekdays.  This has been a true delight.  We also feel very strongly that God has made it clear to us that I should re-enter the pastorate.  We are earnestly praying for God’s leading to the right church for us.

Our children and grandchildren are a great delight to us.  Our granddaughter Alexandra is now seven and our grandson Caleb is 4.  Our grandson Tre’ celebrated his third birthday on August 10th, and our newest granddaughter, Bella, is one year old.  We praise God that all four of our children and their spouses are faithfully attending good, solid, Independent, fundamental, soul winning Baptist churches.

Now let me point out to you some new developments with Owens Publications website.  You will notice that the “contact us” option is available to you.  Our newest MP3 on Marriage is available entitled “Together Forever.”  Also, our new 220 page book “Teaching Sunday School Teachers to Teach” can now be purchased.  We have added an additional website, It includes ministry helps, ministry updates, sermon DVDs, et cetera.  It will soon have a donation option.

We also have many sermons on YouTube.  Our new book, “A Wounded Spirit” is flying off of our shelves due to its success in helping hurting people to rebuild their lives.  We also thank Dr. Wendell Evans for writing its recommendation.  I am also in the process of writing a book that will be called “Bible Doctrines Made Practical.”

Not many weeks ago, Mrs. Owens and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary.  It was a delightful day and we enjoyed a wonderful date.  We love each other more than ever and plan to serve God together with the rest of our lives.

We certainly do enjoy meeting our friends across the country and hearing from them via email, phone call, text and letters.  God bless you as you serve Him and keep your eyes on the skies.  He is coming soon.

Your friends,

Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Owens